Perennial's mission is to enable impact-driven people and ventures to create lasting, positive change with product thinking and technology.

Lenae Storey is the owner of Perennial - a product consultancy focused on helping people and organizations deliver impact with the products and services they create.

Lenae believes that applying product management practices and product thinking can accelerate the delivery of products and solutions while maximizing impact. Building technology can be more straight forward - solving the right problems in ways that create lasting impact is the hard part. Perennial wants to help those working to improve our world build products and services that will serve that purpose.

Lenae Storey has over 10+ years of product leadership and product management experience. This experience spans various sectors - consumer, B2B, government, non-profit - and various industries - transportation, education, healthcare, and software technology.

Most recently Lenae served as Senior Director and Head of Product at Ad Hoc where she led the growth of the product team to 105 members and cultivated the adoption of product practices in government digital services. Prior to Ad Hoc, Lenae served in Director and Lead product roles for various software companies building mobile apps, SaaS platforms, and enterprise APIs. This experience includes being one of the "first" product managers at Transloc, a transportation SaaS company, that was acquired by Ford.

Lenae has worked with clients across a range of stages - from early-stage startup concepts, validating their market and first customers to reimagining large enterprise government software platforms serving millions.

Lenae also has experience working in community and international development and is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Albania.

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